Star Wars Canon Book Reading Challenge

I’ve been really into Star Wars since The Force Awakens was released. So ever since then I’ve been watching various Star Wars series and movies. I finished watching Clone Wars and Rebels in 2020 during quarantine.

Now I want to learn more about some of the characters I’ve come to love from the Clone Wars and Rebels series, so I decided I’m going to read all the Star Wars Canon Books using this timeline I found online from The Hashtag Show. It gives a timeline list with everything from the movies, TV series, comics, and books so I have an idea of where the books I’m reading are at in the Star Wars Universe. I’m not going to read the comics, novelizations, or young reader books. Just the novels and young adult books.

What is a canon book?

“Star Wars Canon refers to everything in the Star Wars universe that takes place on-screen in the main films or is mentioned in materials such as comics and novels published after 2013.

For something to be considered “canon” in Star Wars, it has to be confirmed either through an official story (e.g., Queen’s Shadow) or by a Star Wars creator (e.g., if Dave Filoni confirms something about Ahsoka, it’s canon).

If something is referenced in a Legends story — anything outside the movies written before 2014 — it’s not considered part of the Canon.” (excerpt from Youtini)

I started with the book Ahsoka because she’s now one of my favorite characters and you’ll be seeing the book review soon. I’m sure this is an ambitious goal, but excited to read all these books. Looks like around 52 books added to my reading list and I’m sure more will be published before I can get to all of these. Wish me luck!

You can check out my progress here.

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