Book of the Week | Winner Takes All by Jacqui Moreau

cover75535-mediumTITLE: Winner Takes All

AUTHOR: Jacqui Moreau

PUBLISHER: Potatoworks Press

RELEASE DATE: October 12, 2015

GENRE: Romance, Women’s Fiction


Eva Butler isn’t easily intimidated—certainly not by a stern receptionist with a disapproving scowl. Her appointment with media mogul Cole Hammond is too important to miss. As a senior associate at an auction house vying for his father’s multimillion-dollar art collection, she won’t be turned away by a specious claim that she doesn’t have an appointment. Of course she does. She made it herself!

Help comes in the form of an enigmatic executive who claims to have Hammond’s ear. Reed volunteers to take the meeting, and suddenly Eva finds herself at lunch with a charming man far too handsome for her peace of mind. She knows the sizzle of attraction she feels isn’t appropriate business behavior, and yet she can’t quite smother the spark.

But all is not what it seems—not with Reed, not with her auction house. Schemes are afoot, and before she knows it, securing the Hammond collection becomes the least of her worries. With so much at stake, including her heart, Eva realizes that the winner does indeed take all. (Description found on

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