Friday Finds | Finding Zoe

This week I wanted to share a book I found on Net Galley called Finding Zoe by Brandi Rarus and Gail Harris.  After a few weeks I was approached by the publisher, BenBella Books, who asked if I would like a physical copy to review.  Of course I said yes!

Once I’m finished reading and reviewing the book, I have another physical copy to giveaway to my wonderful followers.  So be sure to look out for my review, which will include the link to enter to win a copy of Finding Zoe.

I want to say thank you to BenBella Books, Inc.  I look forward to reading this book!

Here’s the Net Galley description of Finding Zoe:

photo-2“Four-month old Zoe was gradually losing her hearing. Her adoptive parents loved her—yet agonized— feeling they couldn’t handle raising a deaf child. Would Zoe go back into the welfare system and spend her childhood hoping to find parents willing to adopt her? Or would Zoe be the long-sought answer to a mother’s prayers?

Brandi Rarus was just 6 when spinal meningitis took away her hearing. Because she spoke well and easily adjusted to lip reading, she was mainstreamed at school and socialized primarily in the hearing community. Brandi was a popular and happy teen, but communication—and being fully part of every conversation—was an ongoing struggle.

In college, Brandi embraced Deaf Culture along with the joys of complete and effortless communication with her peers. For the first time, being deaf wasn’t a handicap; it was a passport to a new and exciting world. Brandi went on to become Miss Deaf America in 1988 and served as a spokesperson for her community.

It was during her tenure as Miss Deaf America that Brandi met Tim, a leader of the Gallaudet uprising in support of selecting the school’s first deaf president. The two went on to marry and had three hearing boys—the first non-deaf children born in Tim’s family in 125 years.

Brandi was incredibly grateful to have her happy and healthy family, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing from her life. She had always dreamed she would have a daughter. Little did she know that just across the state line, Zoe was waiting for her.

Set against the backdrop of Deaf America, Finding Zoe is an uplifting story of hope, adoption, and everyday miracles.”

What did you find this week?

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3 thoughts on “Friday Finds | Finding Zoe

  1. flygirl140 November 21, 2014 at 11:10 am Reply

    Oh this on is being added to my list…


  2. Afiqah Hanna November 22, 2014 at 5:31 am Reply

    Hi there, I have nominated you for the Liebster Award here > 🙂


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