Happy Birthday To My Mother

Today would’ve been my mother’s 51st birthday.  If she were alive today, my siblings would all come together to make the day special.  We’d decorate the house with balloons, streamers, and confetti.  Her birthday gifts would be neatly placed on the dining room table, ready for her to open.  She’d walk in and find all these wonderful things her children did for her.

My mother didn’t need anything extravagant.  It was always about the simple things.  She loved her Starbucks iced frappuccino drinks.  I used to get her a four pack every year.  She loved her handmade cards.  She loved her cupcakes or cakes we’d bake (or bought from Albertson’s down the street).  And she just loved spending time with her children on her birthday.

This is exactly how I remember the last birthday I spent with her.  On her last birthday, my siblings and I cleaned the house and set up posters and decorations.  We waited for my mom to get home and jumped up yelling, “Surprise” when she finally walked in.  I really miss those days.

If I could celebrate with her today, I would take her to a Hollywood Bowl concert to see some country star she loved; she loved Carrie Underwood and Blake Shelton.  I would take her to dinner to a restaurant she’s never been to.  We’d stop and get ice cream on the way home.

I really wish I could’ve had more time with her.  I wish she could have seen me graduate from college.  I wish she could have comforted me when job interviews were going nowhere.  I wish I could have told her when I finally landed that full time job.  And I wish she could’ve met my fiance and had a chance to know the man that makes me happy.  I wish I could’ve told her how he proposed.

On her 51st birthday, I’m going to remember all the good times I had with my mom.  I will think about watching Friends with her.  I will think about when she asked me to name my baby sister.  I will think about all the school projects she helped me with.  I will think about how much she loved us.

Happy Birthday to my wonderful, sweet, and amazing mother.

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