My Favorite Authors

I have exactly two favorite authors.  These are the authors I really want to meet one day and are my idols when it comes to writing.

Nicholas Sparks:

I’ve been reading his books for years now.  The first I ever read was A Bend in the Road.  After that book, it didn’t take me long to read all of the books he’s ever written and now I have to wait for new ones to come out.  Not that I’m complaining.  I get really excited when I find out that Nicholas Sparks is releasing a new novel.  His latest one is The Longest Ride, which I’ve already read.  You can check out my review on this book here.

One reason why I love his books so much is because of the emotional impact they have on me.  Some of his novels had be bawling…literally.  Many of the them are about love and romance, but some are about family.  The Notebook is what many people know him by and is about your first true love and the impact it has on your life.  The Last Song was about love, but also about losing a family member.  Both of these books were made into films, among others.

I really enjoy reading his website as well.  It includes information on his books, movies, and upcoming events.  Hopefully he’s going to have a book signing in my area soon.  His site also includes advice for writers.   I like reading his thoughts and his advice on being and becoming a writer.

Nicholas Sparks is the type of author I strive to be like.  I’m working towards creating a novel or novels that give my readers the type of emotional response that his books have on me.

Nicholas Sparks

Mary Higgins Clark:

Mary Higgins Clark is my favorite suspense novelist.  She has written so many books and is a great storyteller.  A goal of mine is to read all of the books she has written.  You will see the ones I haven’t read on My Reading List.  She is known as the Queen of Suspense and each novel I read of hers proves that.

While I don’t think I will ever write a suspense novel, Mary Higgins Clark is a writer I look up to.  She is very successful in her genre and continues to write novels that make the best sellers list.  It’s amazing how she can create a story that involves things like kidnapping and murder, while not making it too gruesome.  She writes in a way that leaves your mind to imagine exactly what a scene might look like.  That’s important to me when it comes to suspense novels.

Do you have a favorite author or authors?  Let me know who they are in the comments.

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