Last Days as Student Supervisor of the Woodbury Phon-A-Thon

It is sad to say that I will actually be leaving my job at Woodbury University.  In the spring of 2008, I started working as a Phon-A-Thon Ambassador for the Development Office.  Working in this role gave me a strong sense of pride.  I was helping my University.  A University I have come to love.

After some time working as a Phon-A-Thon Ambassador, I took on the role of Student Supervisor.  This position came with more responsibilities and was more time consuming, but it was something I loved doing and was extremely passionate about.  This is the position I am leaving behind to other deserving students, as this job is a privilege to hold.  I have learned so much from my time working with the Phon-A-Thon and I wouldn’t trade a single day of it.

The people I have come to know are more like family.  I care about them, respect them, and enjoy their company. I will never forget my fellow colleagues in the Office of Development & Alumni Relations.  I am grateful for what they all have taught me and for making my days so much more exciting.  I will truly miss working with all of you!

The 20+ Phon-A-Thon Ambassadors I personally supervised have made working so much fun.  I always enjoyed hearing everyone’s stories, laughing, eating, and working towards a common goal.  The fact that a few of you have surpassed my fundraising record makes me so happy.  I will miss all of you.  I am very proud to say that I supervised several groups of dedicated Phon-A-Thon Ambassadors who will go on to do great things in the future.

While I am thrilled to be starting a new chapter in my life, I will miss the Phon-A-Thon dearly.  It had become a home away from home over the years.  Even though I am leaving, I know that the Phon-A-Thon will be in capable hands.  I trust that the next Student Supervisor will proudly take the reins and make the Phon-A-Thon better.

I may be leaving Woodbury as a student worker, but I will never leave the University as a supporter.  I am proud to have worked for the Woodbury University Phon-A-Thon and I am proud to be an Alumnae.  I will continue supporting the University, but in other ways now.  Thank you to everyone! 🙂

Phon-A-Thon Halloween 2011

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