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Poll | Drink of Choice While Reading

I’m always curious (for some odd reason) what people prefer to drink while reading a book.  Does your choice depend on the book your reading or just your drink preference?

Personally, I love drinking wine while reading.  So, just to be a little nosy I created a poll.


Poll | What Should I Read Next?

I’ve been loving the site Net Galley.  I mentioned it in one of my early upcoming review posts.  I started using the site mid August and already have a good amount of approved books on my shelf.  Since I’m about half way done with the book I’m currently reading,  I need your help to decide what I should read next.  Take a vote using the poll below.

Poll | E-Book or Paperback

When I’m sitting on the train, heading to work, I look around and see people with either paperback books or e-books.  So, I was curious about what my readers use.  Let me know by taking this poll.

I’m going to start using e-books so if you could also let me know what you think are the best formats and devices to use and why.

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