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A Letter to My Sister

Today, my sister has turned 9.  Time flew by so fast.  I still think of her as a three-year old who needs help putting her clothes on, but now she reminds me that help is no longer needed (unless it’s a complicated garment).

So, for her 9th birthday, I wanted to write a letter to her.  When she is able to understand its contents, I will show it to her.

My Dearest Baby Sister,

You have become such a beautiful girl, growing each and everyday, making me laugh and enjoy life.  I can’t wait to see how you are at age 15, which was how old I was when you were born (keep in mind I will be 30, so try not to rub in how young you are).  I can’t imagine my life without you in it and I cherish every moment we spend together.

The thing I remember most is how we would watch Cars together almost every night before going to bed.  We would get your cute three-year old self ready and turn on the movie while I started in on homework.  You would fall asleep well before the movie ended.

After finishing my homework, I would make sure you were warm enough, kiss you on the cheek, and fall asleep next to you.  I’m glad we can still have nights like that.

Unfortunately, the most devastating time in both of our lives was when we lost our mom.

It’s amazing how much you look like mom with your curly light brown hair, delicate complexion, and green eyes.  I truly wish I could go back in time to prevent the loss we have endured and the pain that still resides in our hearts.  You of all people deserved more time with her because frankly four years wasn’t enough.

Even though you didn’t get a chance to really know her, she loved you with all her heart.  You came during a time of struggle for us and brought joy to our family.  I know when mom was having a bad day, she would hold you in her arms, kiss your forehead, and forget all that was around her, focusing only on you.

I would frequently find both of you asleep on the couch after school.  Your thumb would be in your mouth and mom would have her arms wrapped tightly around you.  Both of you looked so peaceful.  This image of the two of you will forever be with me.

While mom cannot be here in person, just know that I will be.  You can count on me to give you advice, help guide you in the right direction, and be your cheerleader…just like mom would have been.

You are everything to me baby sister.  I love you with all my heart and soul.

Happy 9th Birthday!  Mom would be so proud of you.

Love Always, Your Sissy


24 Birthday Goals


A year ago today, I posted my 23 birthday goals.  Now that I am 24, it’s time to update them.  I accomplished quite a few things in the last year, so I had to add new ones.  There are also on-going goals I have accomplished, but will continue to pursue this coming year.  It is important for me to set goals, no matter how small, because it gives me something to work towards.

So, here are my 24 Birthday Goals updated from my 23rd Birthday Goals:

  1. Get a new car ACCOMPLISHED (New Goal: Pay off my car)
  2. Get toned
  3. Get a new swim suit(s) ACCOMPLISHED (New Goal: Get a tan)
  4. Try sushi
  5. Get a new computer IN JULY OR AUGUST
  7. Hike to upper Yosemite falls
  8. Read all the Nicolas Sparks and Mary Higgins Clark books READ ALL THE NICHOLAS SPARKS BOOKS (NEED TO READ THE ONE COMING OUT IN SEPTEMBER)
  9. Run a full marathon
  10. Graduate from the Woodbury University MBA program ACCOMPLISHED (New Goal: Get my CPCU)
  11. New Goal: Move up in my career at work
  13. Start my retail business
  14. Expand my business consulting services ACCOMPLISHED (New Goal: Get more clients for my business)
  15. Pay off my student loans
  16. Get my own place ACCOMPLISHED (New Goal: Save money, on-going goal)
  17. Buy a house
  18. Get married
  19. Get my Ph.D
  20. Have children
  21. Teach entrepreneurship at a university
  22. Save up enough money to pay for my youngest sister’s college tuition
  23. Expand my philanthropy for my Alma Mater Woodbury University and other non-profit organizations ACCOMPLISHED & ON-GOING GOAL
  24. Create a scholarship fund for students who have lost a parent from prescription drug addiction

An update will follow in a year. 🙂

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